Thursday, June 16, 2011


Sometimes it's so hard to be thankful. But I want to say that I am. I'm thankful that I am not an alcoholic or an addict. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to travel just a little bit and see a few places in the world. I'm thankful for the education my parents provided for me. I am thankful for the little roof I have over my head. I'm thankful for the hammock I found on Craigslist. I am thankful for snoring dogs who make me laugh. And blow up monsters and books about sunken luxury liners. I'm thankful for the sassy little bird who calls me mommy. And his filthy summer feet and scabby knees and the precious tears that roll down still chubby cheeks. I am thankful for all of the memories I have of you. I am thankful for the here and now. Tomorrow? Maybe not so much.


nutrix morbidus said...

amen to that !
great post

bon bon said...

that is all kinds of sweet. hope the trend continues for you.

J at said...

I've read over and over again that gratitude brings happiness. To truly appreciate the gifts that we are given, as well as those that we have earned, helps to temper the frustrations of the things we have missed. And life is all of that. Everything you choose, you let something else go. The trick is in making the right choices, and hon, it sounds like you're doing a great job of that. House, dogs, awesome kid, education, work...sometimes it feels like burdens, but it's not. OK, maybe a little bit, but they're worthwhile burdens.