Wednesday, May 05, 2010


My poor little, neglected memoir of a motherhood journal cum nada. I'm nearing the finish line. Next Saturday I will receive my ASSociates in Web Development and Digital Media. I've created a few cool freelance sites for clients. I have two weddings booked for summer.

SF is graduating from kindergarten. Life is always changing.

I'm still trying to keep the last fish from the Chamber of Death alive, poor thing. I am not fascinated by that whole trip. Taking care of furry pets is so much easier. Oy.

My bad ass momentum has taken a beating. I may be the mother of a bad ass. I would like to think that it's the school, but some days I just don't know. I blame myself. Being a single parent sucks. Don't believe the hype.


then I think, give me a break. He is SIX. That's all. Kindergarten is out of control and seems pretty boring. I'm sure I don't have a baby einstein. And I certainly don't have Dennis the Menace. We walk a fine line, somewhere in between.

Love, Heidi

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