Thursday, August 13, 2009

hey diddle, diddle

i met my friend's BF tonight. he was just, just, someone i wouldn't want a crack whore to marry. SF was dying to show him his room and 'secret lair'. in addition, SF was excited to give his guests a gumball from the Ford machine. this was met unenthusiastically by said boyfriend. i didn't react but i thought, 'you sir are exactly the pig i always imagined you to be'. i asked SF if he liked the BF and he said "yeah, but he's crosseyed".

he is.

he moved in with my friend earlier this summer. he shows up at night and leaves in the morning. every weekend he is 'working.' she's 20, he's 29. there are so many red flags i want to bust out a bruce lee move and ring the bell in the ring. oy.

i'm glad it's over. he lacks warmth, personality and uncrossed eyes. i'm so glad that i'm single. even if the sex is mindblowing, i'd rather diddle myself.

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