Friday, May 08, 2009

to blog or not to blog

i feel so icky. just gross. the positive thing is that i'm finishing an 18 credit semester with a 4.0. so suck on that. in other departments, things just totally suck. summer is practically here and i just want to crawl into my own cave deep in the woods and tell everyone to fuck off. ahhhhhhh.

sf and i are having a battle of wills. he tests me at every turn. last night he decided he couldn't wait to have dinner so he grabbed this enormous food club bag of skittles and started chowing. when he refused to stop, i said fine, go ahead. enjoy those. you can eat all the skittles you want. in fact you can have fucking skittles for breakfast lunch and dinner. go right the fuck ahead.

this morning the nanny texted me and said he threw up all over. i didn't feel bad. honestly, i just want to jump on a plane and never look back. yes, i do mean to bitch because it has been hard. very hard at times being a single parent. and it outright sucks sometimes. so excuse me while i just scream loudly to myself and FUCK! FUCK! FUCKITY! FUCK! copiously.

piss off.

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