Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i don't wanna talk...

about the things i've been through, but what the hell. today i just feel like bitching and ranting about the dismal, rotten, raunchy, clique ridden place that wausau, wisconsin is. it has no down to earth sensibilities. it doesn't matter if you're a slob or a blob, it's who you know. why the sour grapes, mamma?

oh, i don't know. i'm here there and everywhere and the one thing that i know is that i will never fit in. that is O-K-A-Y. because i don't TRY to be different, i just am. i always have been. i was always the obnoxious, goofy gradeschooler. in high school i was the weird dresser. now i'm the non traditional student who could pass for traditional. wardrobe circa 1991.

WTF does it mean? pre mid life crisis? nervous breakdown? drug induced hallucination? everything about my life is non-traditional and i'm floundering in a sterile, wannabe a big town berg. the thing about real towns is that they change. everything here is the same year after year: oh, sure the stationary or the theme may change, but it's the same tinpins showboating their dominanace in the "art scene", the "publishing world" and charity events.

i wish the maggots would gag.

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