Sunday, January 11, 2009

malm in my room



This is the malm bed I scored on my maiden voyage to ikea. Originally I was set up to buy the queen in a deep brownish black at full price(199 + 60 for slats + 10 for the midbeam). Lucky me. On the way to the check out I spied the as-is section and found the same bed in birch veneer for only $79!( The damage is so minute and not visible I couldn't pass it up since I'm mega pobrecita). I felt a wave of relief sweep over me as I knew I wouldn't break the bank on this. It was a match made in heaven and Poland. No wonder I love this bed. It was a cinch for one person to set up and it sleeps as good as it looks. I feel so grown up by going up 5" up off the floor!

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