Tuesday, October 28, 2008

bits and pieces


1.) i bought a cool 1950's Roper stove. i spent $100 and two cans of easy off polishing and primping it only to find out i can't get the friggin' oven pilot light to fire up.

2.) it's reaaaalllllly gorgeous though. we make lots of tea and pasta.

3.) i'm getting all A's(yeah, that's 14 credits worth). does it matter if it's a teKnical college?

4.) my mom outbid someone on the cello and won it so it can stay in the fam.

5.) snowflake is going to be a monkey for halloween.

6.) he should go as a sea monkey because of his natural love of the agua.

7.) i am vowing not to turn the heat up for winter.

8.) i don't get out much and when i do, well... it ain't pretty.

9.) older dudes never let you pay for a drink and i dig that.

10.) i'm not into going out. i have one big hurrah and then i realize, nah.

11.) i don't want to shovel snow or blow it.

12.) ditto the frozen dog turds of winter, but i will, my friend, yes, i will.

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